Iceland considers to remove VAT on books

eLearningworld News The new government of Iceland plans to remove the VAT on books as a result of decreasing book sales and diminishing reading- and writing skills among the Icelanders. The Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir says that as a country that can be seen as the land of books with long storytelling traditions, the new proposal intends to improve the conditions for book publishers and the readers. In addition, the proposal also includes new possibilities… Continue reading

Latest News: Good results in using eBooks to improve reading skills in Ghana

eLearningworld News from Ghana Worldreader Ghana, an American non-profit organisation, acknowledges that the reading skills and reading habits are continually improving when pupils get access to eBooks. The project includes pupils in totally 52 schools and two public libraries in Ghana that are using Kindle devices with the Worldreader Mobile-app or eReader. The collection of books includes textbooks, storybooks and reference materials etc. The basic mission of Worldreader is to start a reading revolution in… Continue reading

Latest News: A Goldmine for Publishers

eLearningworld News from US Netflix knows what you watch, Amazon reviewing your reading behaviour and Spotify what is music to your ears, while publishers still has no access to such big data. Not until now, Jellybooks is a reader analytics company that has run tests on the reader behaviour of 200 books from one American-, three British and three German publishers. The publishers’ that are working with Jellybooks does not use the data to profoundly… Continue reading

Latest News: Today is the International Literacy Day!

eLearningworld News from UNESCO Literacy is a fundamental human right and today September 8 the International Literacy Day is celebrated all over the world. In Paris at the UNESCO Headquarters an event to celebrate the Literacy Day is taking place that includes an award ceremony and meetings to form a basis for the organisations actions within the field the coming years. There is still a lot left to be done in total around 120 million… Continue reading

Latest News: 20% adults lack ICT skills, this group is 20% more likely to be unemployed

eLearningworld News from the World The OECD report ‘Adults, Computers and Problem Solving – What’s the Problem? on digital skills of adults that was presented June 23, 2015 reveals the importance of computer skills in modern work life. It also finds a direct correlation between peoples reading skills and ICT skills, meaning that the better people can read, the better their result on ICT-skills-test. The report shows that even adults with the lowest level of… Continue reading

Latest News: Low Grade on national Digital Spelling- and Reading skills test

eLearningworld News from Denmark 13 000 pupils in the ninth grade in the Danish school participated in a pilot-project with digital testing in spelling and reading skills with automatic correction of the test. But because of an technical error the pupils received lower score in comparison with the remaining 52 000 pupils that did the test on paper and was corrected manually. Since the evaluation of the pilot-project shows that there is reason to believe… Continue reading