Iceland considers to remove VAT on books

Iceland considers to remove VAT on books

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The new government of Iceland plans to remove the VAT on books as a result of decreasing book sales and diminishing reading- and writing skills among the Icelanders. The Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir says that as a country that can be seen as the land of books with long storytelling traditions, the new proposal intends to improve the conditions for book publishers and the readers. In addition, the proposal also includes new possibilities for subsidies for artists with a special focus on young authors. This should also be seen in the light of that Icelandic literature is experiencing a growing international interest. Source: Sveriges Radio 

eLearningworld Comment: This is also the most workable solution to develop a fairer European book market, since besides the important arguments the Icelandic Prime Minister put forward, it would also give printed books and ebooks the same market conditions, and remove the worst administrative burden while selling cross-border on the EU Single Market, which is especially important for smaller bookstores on the web, but also publishing houses that sell directly to customers.

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