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Reforming Secondary School for the Challenges of the 21st Century

eLearningworld News The Minister of National Education, Childhood and Youth in Luxembourg, Claude Meisch is now taking one more step to adapting the secondary school to the 21st Century’s labour market. At the presentation February 6 he introduced three new fields geared towards the professions of the future 1. environmental science, 2. architecture, design and sustainable development and 3. management with the focus on tourism. In concern of existing fields, the Minister of Education put… Continue reading

Introducing European Education in Secondary Schools

eLearningworld News European integration is about to speed up again, in this spirit education should follow in its tracks, which the Luxembourgish Minister of Education, Claude Meisch has acknowledged. On 8 December 2017 he presented a new public European education offer in three Luxembourgish secondary schools where the foundation is language education. The International School in Differdange and Esch-sur-Alzette has been running such education since September 2016 and with the new three schools European education… Continue reading

Luxembourgish teachers are more satisfied and motivated at work

eLearningworld news A new survey on quality of life and motivation at work, carried out by the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reform with TNS Ilres, public servants and employees in the educational service generally better results than their colleagues in other sectors. 51% said they were extremely satisfied and very satisfied with their professional situation, compared to only 43% among other civil servants and employees. In all areas, like work entrusted to them,… Continue reading

Latest News: “A school landscape as diverse as the talents of our students”

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg The Luxembourg Minister of Education, Claude Meisch, has proposed a secondary school reform that will form a school landscape that is adapted to the digital sociey’s demands. The reform is based on six main priorities: 1. the development of schools, 2. talent promotion, 3. support and supervision of students, 4. “e-Skills” and programs, 5. modern teaching materials, 6. an open school participatory. The minister is especially pointing out the importance of… Continue reading

Latest News: Multilingual approach to education from early childhood

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg At a press conference March 23, 2016, the Luxembourg Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, introduced the concept of multilingual education that the government will set up in kindergartens. The vision is based on the fact that children during the first years of their life have extraordinary prospects of learning multiple languages. In a multilingual society as Luxembourg and Europe such skills are invaluable. The Ministry of Education intends… Continue reading

Latest News: Ministry of Education launching strategy and several projects for School Digitalization

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg Luxembourg’s Minister of Education, Claude Meisch presented a Digital Strategy for Education in May 20. The focus is set on two main areas: 1. Digital education, preparing young people for a complex work environment that constantly changing, and their role as citizens in the private and public domain. 2. For digital education: to promote new learning strategies and innovative teaching projects as roads to the general digitalisation of school. The strategy… Continue reading