Adapting Formal Education to Digital Society’s realities

Adapting Formal Education to Digital Society’s realities

Adapting Formal Education To Digital Society’s Realities

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The Minister of National Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, presented the new features for the 2023/2024 school year. There are many new things happening in the Luxembourg formal education system for the 2023/2024 school year. Meisch said the following:

“This return to school, the last of the 2018-2023 legislature, is like the previous ones marked by a panoply of innovations, consolidations and extensions in the fields of education, childhood and youth, in the continuity of the modernization and qualitative development efforts undertaken in recent years. The momentum to adapt offers to the realities and requirements of our modern society must continue, regardless of future political constellations.”

Here are some of the highlights:

  • New sections are being introduced in traditional secondary education, including a section on cognitive sciences and human sciences and a section on policies and sustainable development.
  • New sections are also being introduced in general secondary education, including a section on natural sciences, computer sciences and mathematical sciences and a section on technology, sport and health.
  • New courses are also available in the field of professional training, including a Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CCP) for Daily Support Assistants and a Diploma of Professional Aptitude (DAP) for Inclusion Agents.
  • The conceptual framework for the new plan of study for basic education has been tied up. The new plan of study will be organized around the pillars of well-being, participation, multilingualism and digitality.
  • Legislative changes are leading to a series of adaptations in the fight against dropping out of school and for the well-being of students. The ministry is now in charge of monitoring compulsory education and no longer the municipalities.
  • The law on student well-being and inclusive education introduces an educational and psychosocial department in each high school, better support for students with specific educational needs in high schools and the establishment of a student protection delegate (DPE) in secondary education.

“These are sections which respond to increased needs in the world of work, but also to the interests of students,” said Claude Meisch.

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