School digitalization Part 4 – facts are stubborn, but ideas are more stubborn still

School digitalization Part 4 – facts are stubborn, but ideas are more stubborn still

The modern organised educational system originates from word by word learn the bible’s content. Later this Sveflagslowly developed to be directed on real world ”facts”. Almost like learning the content of a lexicon that is a few years old in the belief that the world has been standing still in the mean time. Good teachers could fill the gaps with updates around the lexicon’s old ”facts” and also include basic causations. But there was no time in the classroom for more activities. This was the prerequisites of learning and teaching before the breakthrough of the web. But what conditions will appear when you put the web and other digital tools in the service of learning?

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Dynamic pedagogy

In case the classroom no longer has walls. If the teacher’s introductions and presentations are entered outside the lessons. If old facts is complemented on the web including qualitative source analysis. And when IT-pedagogical tools can adapt learning to the students learning-style and preferences. Then the teaching in classroom can follow the same path. The teacher can then fulfil her role as mentor, coach as well as contribute to deep analysis. We then will be back in a school characterised of humanism not only as regards to content but also methodologically. This is a school with similarities with the school in Ancient Athens as Raphael’s master piece painting shows.

Knowledge, laboration and reflection

The students’ will come to the lesson after have watched and worked with the teacher’s video and complementing text introduction and presentation. All content then has been repeated and gained new life in interactive exercises and tests. The teacher has already analysed the activities and results when she comes to the lesson, where the knowledge will be refined to a useful form of understanding, skills and general wisdom. The teacher also knows through the result management system where the difficulties are on group- and individual level. She also knows how much time each student has spent on the introduction-video and the interactive exercises and can adapt her personal teaching in accordance to this.

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The knowledge thereby is acquired by self studies with help from the teacher within or outside the walls of the classroom. While the refinement in the form of laboratory and reflection is taking place in group or individually, within the classroom’s walls or virtually. In this way it is no longer the context that is the leading force, but adaption and refinement of the content after the student’s prerequisites. This is a reincarnation of the school in Athens humanistic educational ideal since the content now has been complemented with method thanks to modern technology.

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