Learning benefits of an interactive museum: A visit at Warsaw Rising Museum

Learning benefits of an interactive museum: A visit at Warsaw Rising Museum

Warsaw Rising MuseumIn the latest story about modern math-education and the maker’s Lärande I Ett Interaktivt Museum: Ett Besök I Warszawa Rising Museummovement I wrote about the Greek company Museotechniki’s award-winning project: Museofabber. The project aims to open up museums to make it possible for schools to print 3D-artefacts of historical objects from their collections. In this story I explore the possibilities and added value with an interactive museum and learning.  The inspiration to this story I got from my visit in the Rising Museum in the beautiful city of Warsaw during the Christmas holidays. This was a learning experience that connects with all senses, about a very urgent subject that was presented in a very engaging way.

A monument of freedom created as a interactive learning experience

The Warsaw Rising Museum was opened as a tribute of Warsaw’s residents who fought and died for an independent Poland.  The interactive exhibition describes the struggle and everyday life during the uprising. It is focusing on the people and what they accomplished as well as describing the internationally complex situation during the uprising against the Nazis and the post-war Communist occupation, while keeping the actual terror in the background. The other part of the permanent exhibition presents the story of the Nazis and their collaborators as well as the Allied forces actions from the time of the Rising and onwards.

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Yes, these stories need to be told again and again and again, and there is no better place than in Warsaw to tell the story about the struggle for freedom. And the Rising Museum do this is in an excellent way by taking advantage of information and communication technology. This includes a 3D-movie that is showing the ruins of Warsaw directly after the 2nd World War. The 3D-movie is an extraordinary work that took totally three years to produce. After taking part of this horrific movie you can actually go up in the tower of the museum and watch the Warsaw of today with its skyscrapers and its intensive pulse, as well as take look at the Freedom Park that surrounding the museum. Then you will get an additional proof that freedom is worth fighting for.

However, in every part of the Rising Museum there is interactivity, either in the form of storytelling by sound, movie and text, or actually to be able to take printed posters and other materials with you home. The message is clear we will affect you in any way we can so that you never forget. As a part of this you can also enter the museum online.

The Virtual Museum

This is eLearning performed in an interactive, effective and pedagogical way. Because of the subject, the authenticity and high quality this should be included in every late primary school- and secondary school curriculum, perhaps with complementing interactive exercises. This besides that all pupils of Europe at least once should be visiting the museum during their school years. Especially, in this age when the dark forces of the 20th Century is returning with new strengths. Meaning that these interactive monuments of freedom work to avoid the history from repeating it self.

Warsaw Rising Museum homepage http://www.1944.pl/en/
Direct link to the Virtual Museum http://en.1944.wp.pl/

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This is a tribute to the victims of the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, the struggle continues. Je suis Charlie.

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