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Latest News: Competition to outline the best research-concept for an Internet Institute

Latest News: Family and Social Policy Ministry investigating Minecraft

eLearningworld News from Germany Digitalization and the Internet are transforming our lives in a profound way. As the society is getting digital science, research and development is facing new challenges. With this background the German Government is now launching a competition to find the best concept for a new Internet Institute. Basically it will be directed on research of societal transformation that is the outcome of digitalization. During the coming five years after the launch… Continue reading

Latest News: Research shows that digitalization increases teachers’ significance

Latest News: Ministry of Education set goal to train 320 000 teachers

eLearningworld News from Norway Research from Oslo University shows that the use of digital resources in school has made teaching more complex. For instance, the necessity of source analysis in this environment often requires teacher support concerning the usefulness for school work and the quality of the information. This brings an extra dimension to the teacher’s work in comparison with the old textbook-school. At the same time such source analysis process also helps the student… Continue reading

Latest News: Ministry of Education launching strategy and several projects for School Digitalization

Latest News: British Library and Nottingham University creates MOOC

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg Luxembourg’s Minister of Education, Claude Meisch presented a Digital Strategy for Education in May 20. The focus is set on two main areas: 1. Digital education, preparing young people for a complex work environment that constantly changing, and their role as citizens in the private and public domain. 2. For digital education: to promote new learning strategies and innovative teaching projects as roads to the general digitalisation of school. The strategy… Continue reading

School digitalization Part 4 – facts are stubborn, but ideas are more stubborn still

School digitalization Part 4 – facts are stubborn, but ideas are more stubborn still

The modern organised educational system originates from word by word learn the bible’s content. Later this slowly developed to be directed on real world ”facts”. Almost like learning the content of a lexicon that is a few years old in the belief that the world has been standing still in the mean time. Good teachers could fill the gaps with updates around the lexicon’s old ”facts” and also include basic causations. But there was no… Continue reading