Germany Unveils New AI Action Plan

Germany Unveils New AI Action Plan

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The German government has unveiled a new AI action plan, with the goal of making Germany and Europe a leading force in the field of artificial intelligence. The plan, which was presented by Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger, identifies eleven key areas for action, including strengthening the research base, expanding AI infrastructure, and developing ethical guidelines for AI development.

Germany Unveils New Ai Action Plan

The plan also includes a commitment to investing €1.6 billion in AI research and development over the next four years. This investment will be used to support research projects, train AI experts, and develop ethical guidelines for AI development.

“AI is a key technology that has the potential to revolutionise many aspects of our lives,” said Stark-Watzinger. “With this action plan, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that Germany and Europe are at the forefront of this rapidly developing field.”

The AI action plan is part of the German government’s broader efforts to promote innovation and economic growth. The government believes that AI has the potential to create new jobs, boost productivity, and improve the lives of citizens.

To learn more about the German AI action plan, and Artificial Intelligence visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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