Three Ministers about Artificial Intelligence: A mistake to turn back to pen and paper

Three Ministers about Artificial Intelligence: A mistake to turn back to pen and paper

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Three Danish Ministers for research, education and digitization writeThree Ministers About Artificial Intelligence: A Mistake To Turn Back To Pen And Paper that generative artificial intelligence like Chat GPT is excellent tools to transform the curriculum to become better adapted to the digital age. The article is a response to an opposition party in Denmark want to some extent prohibit digital tools in school, which means preparing pupils and students for a society that no longer exists, since digitization already has reached all parts of the society. Instead, the Minister of Children and Teaching, Mattias Tesfaye, the Minister of Education and Research, Christina Egelund, and Digitization Minister, Marie Bjerre, with focus on today’s prerequisites and the future of learning, they write:

“This of course places new demands on our education system. The purpose of going to school and getting an education is not to learn how to click on ChatGPT. The aim is for you to improve your skills and obtain the knowledge and skills you need.”  

Europe as a hub for Artificial Intelligence

In this spirit a franco-german collaboration between the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the French Ministry of Research (MESR) is funding ten new AI projects in order to make Europe a natural location for AI research and development. The purpose is that Germany and France want to face the challenges of the 21st century together and develop a European approach to AI and promote the emergence of a common AI ecosystem. Germany’s Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger explains:

“With the new research projects, we are strengthening the joint AI research and innovation network, building sustainable cooperative relationships and thus creating the basis for technological sovereignty and the development of trustworthy AI ‘Made in Europe’. The great response to the joint call for funding shows that there is great expertise in this field in Germany and France. We have a great opportunity to turn them into added value and social added value for the German, French and European economy and society.” 

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