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New research from Örebro University in Sweden shows that by integrating ICT as a part of the pedagogy you can personalise learning and thereby make education more equally distributed. The research report, ”Closing the gaps – Improving literacy and mathematics by ict-enhanced collaboration”, measures pupils from the third grade’s results in the national tests for Swedish and mathematics. The research is based on two control groups where one of them is connected with Writing to Learn-model, which is a pedagogy that includes use of digital technology. The result shows that pupils that were taught with this model showed much better results than the other group that did not use integrated ICT in class. Some of the findings were that the lowest performing pupils receive better results, increased equality in results between boys and girls as well as the boys’ performance when it comes to reading- and writing development improves dramatically. In comparison between the two control groups, the group that used Writing to Learn-model approximately 20 percent more pupils was approved in the national tests. Source: Science Direct