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Fiona Quigley is director of learning innovation of Logicearth Learning Services and an expert on instructional design for eLearning. On Association of Talent Development’s (formerly ASTD) blog she identifies ten challengers for new instructional designers of eLearning. First of all it is time to redefine eLearning where the e nowadays should stand for experience rather than electronic. At the same time as course should be replaced with resource. Some of the ten challengers are to find an accurate method to analyse what the organisation and its staff really needs. Another challenge is which instructional techniques you as a designer should use like, e.g. scenario- and game experience, simulations, and instructional videos. And furthermore how  you write the material so engaging that the audience besides improving the competence also get an engaging experience that pull them into the new field of knowledge. Read more on the ATD Blog. Source: ATD