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Latest News: Danish Government investing more in eLearning

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Danish students are using a great amount of IT in education in comparison with other OECD countries a recent report shows and the digital literacy is on an equally high level. But the technology could be used better to improve the learning environment. With this background the Danish Government the next year is directing additional funding to buy digital learning applications. Since it is seen as one of the main tools for pupils and students to reach the national goals of their education the government is extending the municipalities budgets with approximately €9 million for digital learning applications. During 2015 new requirements on the Danish digital learning application-platform was included that demanded producers to improve and simplify the information about which national goals their application fulfil. These requirements are now developed further. Between 2012 to 2017, the government funding to IT in school where the most part is directed to digital learning applications amount to about €67 million. Source: Danish Ministry of Education

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