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Latest News: Schools see benefits with eBooks in the Classroom, according to new survey

Latest News: Publishing Industry in Turkey - Educational Publications show Highest Growth

eLearningworld News from US A new survey from ASCD and OverDrive shows that schools identify especially one benefit with eBooks in comparison with printed books to use in the classroom, namely, the great prospects of individualising the learning experience. Since reading is at the core of most classroom work, the benefit with digital reading allows students to absorb content at their own pace through its own learning path. Kate MacMillan, coordinator of library services and… Continue reading

Latest News: Danish Government investing more in eLearning

Latest News: Digital Maturity Model applied on three Nordic School-systems

eLearningworld News from Denmark Danish students are using a great amount of IT in education in comparison with other OECD countries a recent report shows and the digital literacy is on an equally high level. But the technology could be used better to improve the learning environment. With this background the Danish Government the next year is directing additional funding to buy digital learning applications. Since it is seen as one of the main tools… Continue reading