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Organisations in Singapore is offering workshops to invite children in the mindset of design thinking. Often the subjects at these workshops concern to find creative solutions to global problems, e.g. how to get people to exercise more. Another reason to introduce design thinking is to make children gain knowledge and skills of that design is much more than aesthetics and unique appearance. Design thinking is instead a problem solving method that include besides unique appearances also functionality, empathy and technology etc. Sindu Sreebhavan, founder of As Many Minds, said: “In the past, the industrial economy needed people who are good at doing routine factory work. It’s a different era now, where the number of jobs and opportunities is limited. To solve the world’s existing problems, we need people who can come up with out-of-the-box ideas, work collaboratively and act with initiative.” With this form of learning children besides being prepared for the digital age’s challenges, also sees that their ideas can be put in practice. In this spirit Singapore has included design thinking as one of the directives in the Design 2025 Masterplan that was released last year. Source: The Straits Times