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Inviting children to the world of design thinking

eLearningworld News Organisations in Singapore is offering workshops to invite children in the mindset of design thinking. Often the subjects at these workshops concern to find creative solutions to global problems, e.g. how to get people to exercise more. Another reason to introduce design thinking is to make children gain knowledge and skills of that design is much more than aesthetics and unique appearance. Design thinking is instead a problem solving method that include besides… Continue reading

Latest News: Coding School expanding – No teachers, no lesson-plans, proven engagement

eLearningworld News from France 42 is a Coding University located in Paris with a ground-breaking pedagogy. No lesson-plans are offered, no teachers and thereby no tuition fees,and to get access to the learning environment is totally free. Since its creation in 2013, 42 has received more than 200 000 applications and welcomes today 2500 students. Students are selected neither on the basis of financial ability nor educational degree, but solely on the basis of their… Continue reading

Latest News: Human intuition beats AI in games, new research from Aahus University

eLearningworld News from Denmark Research, which recently was published in Nature from Aahus University, shows that Artificial Intelligence is slow to solve problems in comparison with humans. Both because it comes up with too many solutions and also trying to make the solution too perfect. Humans has with this in mind a benefit to outperform computers when it comes to speed and efficiency in problem solving e.g. in games, namely, by using intuition. Jacob Friis… Continue reading

Making Educational Trends Work II: Four general approaches the coming years

eLearningworld Weekly Review This is the second part of our analysis of the report Innovating Pedagogy 2015: the 10 technological trends set to transform education from Open University and SRI Education. We at eLearningworld simplified these trends into four approaches that will have great impact the coming years: the Science Approach, the Personalization Approach, the Analytics Approach and the Informal Approach. These four approaches work independently and combined to transform learning and teaching into the… Continue reading

Latest News: Apple’s CEO talks Education: Fundamental changes is needed

eLearningworld News from US Today Thursday, Apple is offering an Hour of code program at all its retail stores globally. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, made an unannounced visit in the Apple store on Upper East Side on Madison Avenue in New York City yesterday where he visited an Hour of Code-session and talked about the urgent need of transforming education. Cook said to Mashable: “You rarely ever see engagement in a classroom like… Continue reading