Promoting a University Culture of Social Innovation

Promoting a University Culture of Social Innovation

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The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is launching the new program “Society of Innovations – Impact Challenge at Universities”. The focus is directed on support for universities and their start-up centers that promote a culture of social innovation and social entrepreneurship by students and doctoral candidates. Where the development of appropriate further and advanced training offers to students and doctoral candidates should be enabled, among other things, to apply in the next phase with scalable project ideas.

Promoting A University Culture Of Social Innovation

Social Innovation Officer Zarah Bruhn explains:

“With the funding program, we are anchoring social innovations at universities and mobilizing students nationwide to develop and spin off ideas with a great deal of leverage for society. Especially in Generation Z, there is a strong awareness of sustainability, as well as the desire to make a contribution.”

University Culture of Social Innovation – two pahases

The program includes two phases:

1st phase: Teachers, lecturers and other university stakeholders can submit their projects for application-oriented research into further education and training in the field of social innovations and social entrepreneurship.

2nd phase: To motivate and support doctoral candidates and students nationwide to develop, spin off and scale social innovations. The total project funding is 11.65 million euros. Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger adds:

“At our universities, there are masses of good ideas from students and researchers on how we can develop solutions to the great challenges facing society. They want to advance our country with innovations. It is precisely these ideas that we would like to help achieve a breakthrough.”

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