Digital Inspiration and Learning for the next generation Entrepreneurs

Digital Inspiration and Learning for the next generation Entrepreneurs

Digital Inspiration And Learning For The Next Generation EntrepreneursThe world’s first digital Museum of Entrepreneurship has Digital Inspiration Och Lärande För Nästa Generations Entreprenöreropened a website to celebrate innovations and achievements of entrepreneurs of our time. The new digital centre for entrepreneurship inspiration is curated by  Dr Stefania Zerbinati, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Cass Business School in London. Where the main aim is to inspire and teach future entrepreneurs about the motivations and sacrifices in entrepreneurial success stories. Find out more on the Museum of Entrepreneurship website for Learning for the next generation Entrepreneurs.

Learning for the next generation Entrepreneurs

In this spirit, UK’s first university, MK:U, focused on digital skills is opening in Milton Keynes. The university is developed by Cranfield University. Besides offering education adapted for the digital society’s working life’s challenges. The new university is also attended to strengthen the position of the city of Milton Keynes as a tech hub and as one of the leading smart cities. The start of MK:U is being funded by Santander which employs over 5000 people in Milton Keynes. The launch of MK:U is expected by 2023.

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