Universities in the Digital Age and Scientific Publishing

Later this year we will publish a trend report about European universities transformation into the digital age. In the story below follows some pioneering cases of using digital technologies and new pedagogies in higher education from other parts of the world to adapt to the digital society’s prerequisites. This also includes the importance of scientific publishing as the main source to fight one of the downsides of the developing society, the floods of fake news.… Continue reading

The Return of the Higher Education Republic

During the Renaissance scholars and students were wandering between the growing amount of universities searching for the knowledge and engaging environments of their own choice. As the centuries went by this goal was abandoned in favour of the nations’ demands. Especially from the 19th Century and onwards the main goal was to build a powerful nation-state. In this spirit, the equation of education during the past two centuries has been that the nation has acknowledged… Continue reading

Flipping the classroom, innovative Learning Hub shows the way

eLearningworld News The Arc is a new innovative learning hub equipped with the latest tools for flipping the classroom. It is now being launched by the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU Singapore) and includes 56 smart classrooms. In the flipped classroom students learn the course content online before class. Then in class, the time is devoted to collaborative learning with their professors and other students. The goal is that at least 50 percent of… Continue reading

Latest News: Do you plan to study? Why not in Latin America?

eLearningworld News from South America Times Higher Education ranking of the best universities in Latin America shows that Brazil holds five of the top ten positions, where University of São Paulo is number 1 while the State University of Campinas is on the 2nd place. Chile is on the following two places, where Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (3rd) and the University of Chile (4th). While Mexico holds position 8 and 9, with the Monterrey… Continue reading

Latest News: The German Government introduces Teaching 4.0

eLearningworld News from Germany How can digitization improve higher education? This is what the new research field “Digital University Teaching” is going to answer. Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka comments: “We want to find the most promising way for the use of new media in higher education. As a basis for a constructive discussion on the opportunities and limits of digitized teaching we need scientific evidence. Therefore must the impact and effectiveness of digital course… Continue reading

Latest News: Yale For Life – Organising LifeLong Learning in practice

eLearningworld News from US Yale University is inviting parents to students and old students back to campus with the offer that for a week of intensive seminar study and life at Yale re-experience the student time. The 78 years old Andy Libka that is one of the student’s at seminars this year is saying to Yale News: “It is a reconnection with the university like no other, and allows all of Yale’s treasures to be… Continue reading

Latest News: Indian universities producing CEOs for largest Western companies

eLearningworld News from India What has Microsoft, Nokia, Mastercard and Pepsi in common? The answer is that they are all run by people with degrees from Indian Universities. For instance, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft and Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia have both degrees from Manipal Institute of Technology. Now Google is added to this crowd after Sundar Pichai with a degree from the Indian Institute of technology has been selected to become the new… Continue reading

Latest News: Bachelor’s degree as likely as any lower level education to lead to lifelong learning

eLearningworld News from US A survey from Gallup shows that only Postgraduates is more likely to attend a LifeLong Learning-approach in comparison to all lower levels of education. Despite the universities aim on promoting a lifelong learning-approach to the student, not even on the Bachelor-degree-level there seems to generate more lifelong learners. The Gallup-survey includes 170 000 US adult citizens and was performed during the year of 2014. However, another survey Gallup-Purdue Index where 30,000+… Continue reading

Latest News: Higher Education beyond borders

eLearningworld News from Germany Germany is the third most interesting country for foreign students to studying within after the US and the UK, according to the report “Science Weltoffen 2015” produced by the Federal Ministry of Education ( BMBF ). The report shows that the total number of foreign students in Germany was in 2014 totally 301 350, which for the first time is more than 300 000. Half of foreign students is coming from… Continue reading