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“This is how design has become the mother of—not invention—but innovation and differentiation.” Erik Kiaer, managing director at Doblin, a design and innovation center at Deloitte Digital writes in Adweek. In this spirit, successful marketing is driven by design since today it is design that makes the products and the services stand out from the crowd on the market, not only visually but also user-friendly and functionally. At the same time as it is the very foundation of a strong brand. With this powerful impact of design in a business’s development and marketing it also will be very important for all other parts of the business, like organizational culture and transformation etc. To get design thinking into your organization’s foundation, Erik Kiaer writes: “Don’t think outside the box, expand it”. Where the focus of the business shifts from technology-centred solutions to human-centred solutions, one-size-does-not-fit-all anymore. Source: Adweek