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Europeana #EdTech Challenge has been launched

Europeana #EdTech Challenge has been launchedeLearningworld NewsEuropeana #EdTech Challenge has been launched

The Europeana Foundation’s work aims to from Europe’s rich cultural heritage transform the world towards a more open, knowledgeable and creative society. All over Europe, museums, galleries, libraries and archives are digitizing their collections where the Europeana Foundation can give support in the form of digital expertise and platforms for bringing cultural heritage to wider audiences. On the website, they describe their target groups as “Cultural institutions. Researchers. Teachers. Learners. Creative start-ups. Data nerds. Art lovers. Book addicts. Culture vultures.” In this spirit, the Europeana #EdTech Challenge is now being launched, which is a competition where the best idea(s) of “using technological processes and resources to inspire learners and educators with digital cultural heritage” will win €30 000.The deadline to participate in the competition is February 28. Source: EuropeanaPro


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