Computer Science for all K-12 Students – New York City shows the way

Computer Science for all K-12 Students – New York City shows the way

Computer Science For All K-12 Students - New York City Shows The WayHundreds of teachers in New York attended further training Datavetenskap För Hela Grundskolan - New York City Visar Vägenin Computer Science in August at the CS Institute in its CS4All-initiative. So far 1900 teachers from 800 schools have received training since the launch 2015. As a result in the 2018-19 school year, 160 000 New York City students learned computer science. The initiative’s ambition plan is that by 2025 all New York City’s 1.1 million public school students in grades K – 12 will be offered high-quality computer science education. In order to achieve this goal, the CS4All-initiative will train 5000 educators to teach computer science. The initiative is a public-private partnership supported by a range of foundations, corporations, nonprofits, families, and individuals. 

Different training for different levels

The training for elementary and middle school teachers was designed to be integrated into other content areas. While middle and high school teachers’ training is focused on introductory CS courses and Advanced Placement Computer Science courses. The main tools for the training are different creative computing platforms such as Scratch, robotics, and maker education. Learn more here


Learning Design – Pedagogy Of Coding &Amp; Media LiteracyLearning Design – Pedagogy of Coding & Media Literacy 

An interaQtive book that will be published within the coming months in a Swedish and an English version. Learn more here

More about the platform to create interactive books

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