Universities as an empowering source of integrating refugees

Universities as an empowering source of integrating refugees

Empowering Source Of Integrating RefugeesCurrently, 456 volunteer students initiatives at 137 universities are active in Germany Universitet Som En Kraftkälla För Integration Av Flyktingarin the Refugee Welcome program. The initiative was launched in 2015 and is financed annually by the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with more than four million euros. Last year alone nearly 30 000 refugees benefited from the various offers of voluntary initiatives. This makes universities a power source of integrating refugees. This week three of the most outstanding student initiatives that contribute to the integration of refugees was awarded at BMBF in Berlin.

The awarded projects

The awarded projects were determined in after public voting: 

1st place: “Colorful Hands”, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg – Awarded with €10 000

2nd place: “MEDIDUS – Medical Refugee Aid Dusseldorf”, Heinrich-Heine University in Dusseldorf – Awarded with €5000

3rd place: “Mathematics for Escaped”, University of Cologne – Awarded with €3000

An empowering source of integrating refugees

Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek comments in the following way: 

“Young people support refugees with creativity and perseverance in their entry in studying in Germany. This is an exemplary commitment to successful integration I hope that the winning projects are a model for integrative initiatives at many other universities.”

Especially since its benefits are going both ways. As the students as welcome ambassadors strengthen their international and intercultural competence. The personal dialogue with people from many different countries of origin allows them to early acquire essential skills. Such skills that are indispensable in a diverse digital society and the global economy.


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