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Latest News: EdTech Accelerator offers Funding and Expertise

Latest News: EdTech Accelerator offers Funding and Expertise

eLearningworld News from USA EDGE Edtech is now launching an accelerator-programme for edtech-businesses in New York City. Until September 2015 the programme will be accepting applications from innovative startups that are developing technology-solutions for education and learning. At the end of the year ten of the applicant-businesses will be selected to receive $170,000 in funding and a three-month mentor-led accelerator that includes everything to secure success. One of the founders of EDGE Accelerator Jonathan D.… Continue reading

Latest News: 300 new Art Teachers in Public Schools

Latest News: School-system disables Arts and Culture

eLearningworld News from USA New York City has invested $23 million to improve art education including to employ 300 new art teachers. The investment has also generated a professional learning series where more than 1000 teachers and parent coordinators has participated. It was designed to help integrate and promote the arts in school communities. According to the 2013-14 Arts in Schools Report released by the NYC Department of Education the goal was to fulfil “our mission… Continue reading