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Today, May 3, it is the Press Freedom Day that is celebrated all over the world, some in the darkest of darkness, others in the light but still with cracks of dark interference. From these prerequisites, our publishing house published the autobiography of the publisher that was the first to put press freedom laws into active use in Sweden during the first half of the 19th Century. His name was Lars Johan Hierta and the story to a large extent encircles his struggle against the continual attempts to shut down his newspaper, Aftonbladet (today the biggest newspaper in Sweden), and other attempts to hurt him personally. His final victory can be prescribed his amazing entrepreneurial skills and successful work in the parliament. Unfortunately, the book is only available in Swedish at the moment, but similar stories of struggles can be found all over the web, e.g. these horrific stories from Turkey and US published by Amnesty yesterday. Since unfortunately the number of countries where the freedom of media acts in darkness and in different shades of grey will make the struggle continue for many decades to come.