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The Nordic- and Baltic Countries has today a close co-operation in the digital development of the society. At a meeting April 25 they decided to take next big step in this integration of the region. The ministers in charge of digital development from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ice­land, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania decided on a three-point program to improve the prospects of remaining a digital front-runner and make the region an experimental creative space for innovation and progress within the field.

  1. Improve the ability of digital transformation of society and introduce cross-border digital services within the public sector, where legal and technical barriers will be removed.
  2. Recognizing digitization as the key to improve competitiveness for businesses including a focus on SME- and 5G-development as well as marketing of the region.
  3. Further enhancing integration of the digital single market with free movement of data, besides people, goods, services and capital. The plan also includes an exchange of digital best practices, and work together to develop EU’s digital single market legislation for further integration. Perhaps the EU Single Market can get a fifth pillar in the future with free movement of data to improve the services for the EU citizens.

Source: The Nordic Council of Ministers