Visualisation to empower collaboration and idea generation

Visualisation to empower collaboration and idea generation

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The 6iModel for creative project management is presented in the book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody by LarsGoran Bostrom. The model empowers critical thinking and visualisation of the ideas to make the process more efficient. The model can be used for most forms of projects where creativity, problem-solving, and innovation are the driving forces. One of the most vital parts of the model is brainstorming on the imaging stage.

Visualisation To Empower Collaboration And Idea Generation

Brainstorming with support of visualisation and 6iModel

The third stage of the 6iModel is the imaging stage, which is directed on visualisation and collaboration to generate the basic solution for your project. 

“If it is only you that is running the project, you now have a mind map with the brainstorming-layer included and a sketch where you have visualised the ideas of your learning experience. But if it is a group that is running the project, one more step is required to openly evaluate, discuss and conclude which ideas that should be the engine of the project.”

From the book: Learning Design in Practice for Everybody

To simplify the work-process and visualisation of a project’s development Creately offers a great platform to ideate, plan and execute your work. 

Benefits of visual collaboration tools for brainstorming

Brainstorming is a popular technique for generating new and innovative ideas. However, it can be challenging to do effectively, especially for remote teams. Visual collaboration tools can make brainstorming easier by providing a shared space where team members can contribute and share their ideas visually. Visual collaboration tools offer a number of benefits for brainstorming, including:

  • Increased creativity: Visual collaboration tools encourage participants to think visually, which can spark new ideas and foster creativity.
  • Improved communication and collaboration: Visual collaboration tools make it easier for team members to communicate and collaborate, regardless of their location.
  • Better organisation and documentation: Visual collaboration tools help to organise and document ideas generated during brainstorming sessions.

Learn more about the book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody here and Creately’s guide about how to use visual collaboration tools for creative brainstorming with teams or groups here.

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