Virtual Reality Innovation in the Nordic Countries

Virtual Reality Innovation in the Nordic Countries

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Let’s go shopping virtual reality experiences, or feeling more creative? Let’s tell a virtual reality story and publish it to the world. Welcome to the innovative virtual reality world of the Nordic Countries.

Virtual Reality Storytelling

To create an interactive and full-cover virtual reality experience you have to include all the surroundings. The eyes in the form of camera lenses have to cover 360×360 degrees angle and this goes for the ears in the form of microphones too. In this development Nokia’s new virtual reality camera Ozo is taking the lead. Ozo sees and hear everything and captures it via the unique virtual reality monitor output, which provides directors with real-time interactive feedback of cast performances. The recording duration is 45 min per media module. The outcome is a natural virtual reality environment where interactive storytelling begins. This was from Finland; time to go shopping in a new virtual reality store in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Walk in from the street into a Virtual Reality experience

In Copenhagen’s trendy Kødbyen district Khora’s virtual reality shop opened in February 2016, which claims to be the first of its kind in the world. The aim is to revolutionising gaming, teaching, architecture, film and art, according to Simon Lajboschitz, the founder of the store. “The technology can be used for anything. You can be transported into a refugee camp and be shown around by a Syrian girl, or into someone’s living room,” the founder said to In the shop the visitor buys glasses that work with smartphones that costs €13 or they can rent a 30 minute ‘free play’ period for €26 for a virtual reality experience of their choice. The shop also includes an office space that is open for VR-startups and -freelancers.

More stories on virtual reality will be published shortly on eLearningworld.

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