Updating Education and lower the barrier for talent

Updating Education and lower the barrier for talent

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When the winds of change are blowing, some build shelters, while others are building windmills. In the digital society the windmills to a large extent consist of creativity, understanding, know how and talent. In other words, simplifying for people the ability to develop and prosper. Updating education and putting more effort to attract talent by modernizing the immigration laws is in this spirit some of the solutions to build windmills for the digital society, according to a new German report and law.

Education in Germany 2022 – report

The German Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger comments the report as follows:

“The education report shows once again that our education system needs an update. (…) It must now be a matter of tackling the shortage of skilled workers in education staff. Here, too, we support the federal states, for example with the joint quality campaign for teacher training and the competence centers for digital and digitally supported teaching.”

Updating Education And Lower The Barrier For Talent

Fundamentally modernizing immigration laws and updating education

The new immigration laws of Germany includes three pillars; 

1.The skilled workers pillar

This pillar is intended to enable people from third countries with a German qualification or a qualification recognized in Germany to work in all qualified occupations. The EU Blue Card, with its favourable conditions for family reunification, permanent residence and job changes, should be able to receive even more skilled workers with a university degree in the future. In addition, educational migration is to be strengthened by making it even more attractive to come to Germany for vocational training or study and to stay here.

2. The experience pillar

This pillar is directed on that foreign professionals or with university degree and professional experience in the desired (non-regulated) profession should in future be sufficient for a stay for gainful employment.  

3. The potential pillar

This pillar focus on qualified third-country nationals who do not yet have an employment contract in Germany. Where the opportunity card makes it possible to obtain a residence permit for up to one year to look for work, which already entitles them to trial or part-time jobs. This is to be granted on the basis of a points system.

Federal Minister of Education and Research, Bettina Stark-Watzinger explains:

 “The shortage of skilled workers is one of the greatest challenges. We urgently need more bright minds and hands, also from abroad, for growth and prosperity. Today we are taking a big step towards a modern immigration law for Germany. We simplify access to the German labor market. In the future, skilled workers with a degree and professional experience will also be able to enter the country without a recognition procedure.” 

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