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Breaking the boundaries to Robotics with Storytelling on a Makerspace

eLearningworld News Makerspaces in informal learning environments is a vision now turning into a construction mode around the world. One example is Tech Tales, that is an NSF-funded project that invites families, where the parents enter a new role as learners in collaboration with their children. In the Tech Tale-project, the goal is to learn about robotics in an environment of cultural learning from the family’s own prerequisites and stories. The project is run by… Continue reading

Students designing winged drones for long-range flights

eLearningworld News Stanford is offering undergraduate the engineering course Aerial Robot Design, a class, led by David Lentink, assistant professor of mechanical engineering. At the course, the students learn to build delivery drones both quadcopter and winged drones. Besides the learning from hands-on collaborative teamwork of making a drone and fly the prototype, the ambition is also that the course fosters skills in robotics, aerodynamics, user-centered design, and systems engineering, which is of great benefit… Continue reading

Open Creativity – Building a Public Makerspace

eLearningworld News Learning by doing in creative work is the spirit of the digital age, and it in this spirit the Ashland Innovation Center opened last month. The center is equipped with laser cutters, 3D printers and other high-tech tools, and are at moment open to high school students in all Ashland’s schools, but the goal is to open it to the whole Ashland Community. Besides access to the makerspace tools the center offers workshops… Continue reading

21st Century School put in practice – Makerspace and reforming early Language Learning

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg and Finland Many Ministry of Education struggles to transform the educational system to better equip its pupils and students for the 21st Century society’s requirements. Two of the most interesting projects in this development are the BEE Creative program of Luxembourg and the pilot project for a future foreign language learning reform in Finland. Makerspace In November 2016 eLearningworld wrote about Luxembourg Ministry of Education, Children and Youth launch of the… Continue reading

Latest News: Build your own custom drone with MIT

eLearningworld News from US Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT launching the first system to allow users to design, simulate and build their own custom drone. This should be seen in the light of that US government has made much easier for companies and consumers to use drones.  Users can customize the size, shape and structure of their drone based on their requirements of payload, cost, flight time, battery usage etc. MIT… Continue reading

Latest News: Time to become productive, New report about children’s media habits

eLearningworld News from Denmark The report ”Young Children (0-8) and Digital Technology” from Aalborg University in Denmark shows that children in the age of 5-6 are using digital technologies as a natural integrated part of the ordinary day. However, internet is seen as too abstract, which makes the children focus on playing games and watch film and TV at known locations. Malene Chalotte Larsen, one of the researchers behind the report concludes: The children’s use… Continue reading

Latest News: Turning the School into a Makerspace for Undergraduates

eLearningworld News from US “Mind and hand” is MITs motto and one of programmes that in both parts fully live up to this motto is the “SuperUROP” programme at the MIT School of Engineering. The programme started in 2012 in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), but is now running across the whole School of Engineering. 177 undergraduate students are at the moment participating in the programme, researching and developing e.g. a… Continue reading

Latest News: Government launches Makerspaces for Education

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg November 20 the Luxembourg Minister of Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, launched the first six educational makerspaces. The focus is to offer interested young people spaces to use their creativity and experimentation for their own digital projects. These makerspaces are the first pillar of BEE CREATIVE program that aims to bring children and young people to use ICT to create, learn, discover and implement projects. In other words develop their… Continue reading

Latest News: Makerspace for school developing

eLearningworld News from Sweden Interactive Institute Swedish ICT is launching the project Makerspace in school where students can learn methodology from the craft- and inventor-tradition applied on modern technology like 3D-printers. The purpose with the project is to bring forward an innovative makerculture in school with focus on learning to code and use information technology in general. Pupils, teachers and school leaders from different parts of Sweden and different levels of the school-system will participate… Continue reading