Education 4.0 according to new report from World Economic Forum

Education 4.0 according to new report from World Economic Forum

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Education 4.0 means preparing young learners for the future, which the educational systems are far from capable of today. The required skills-first-approach even in primary school is still not implemented anywhere. While learning with limited knowledge-chunks in accordance to the old industrial society’s demands is what the foundation rests on.

“The future of education lies in empowering young learners to embrace and develop their uniquely human qualities – those unlikely to ever be replaced by technology.” 

World Economic Forum, Defining Education 4.0: A Taxonomy for the Future of Learning Report

This should be seen in the light that research shows that the skills-first-approach also supports children’s psychological wellbeing. 

Education 4.0 According To New Report From World Economic Forum

WEF Education 4.0 Framework

This framework WEF developed for the teaching and learning of skills required in the 21st century. The definition for the skills-first-approach is:

“the set of process-oriented capabilities that enable an individual to achieve a specific goal.”

That besides putting learning more in practice also focuses on inner soft skills like personal motivation, engagement with the broader society, and ethical considerations. A focus that is bringing children into the foundation of becoming lifelong learners. To optimise the approach and make it more motivating the pedagogy should focus on real world challenges. Especially, since it in itself is a problem-oriented approach. 

The future is here, but the educational systems of today, especially on the Primary School level, are still biting the dust of the Industrial Society. That was an educational policy of delivering portioned knowledge-chunks to prepare people for the assembly-lines. These professions that AI, robots and other technology are taking over today. In this spirit, the WEF Education 4.0 Framework and the new report “Defining Education 4.0: A Taxonomy for the Future of Learning” forms a workable foundation for todays and future formal education. 

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Founder of eLearningworld Europe AB and author of the book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody

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