AR and VR added to doctoral student’s skills development

AR and VR added to doctoral student’s skills development

Ar And Vr Added To Doctoral Student’s Skills DevelopmentThe University of Rochester is launching a new initiative to apply Ar Och Vr Integreras I Doktoranders Kompetensutvecklingaugmented and virtual reality to doctoral education. Where the focus is directed on health, education, product design, remote communication, entertainment, and other fields. 62 doctoral students are to be trained in the skills needed to advance AR/VR technologies. With the additional aim to inspire them to a broader cultural and societal implications of these technologies.

AR and VR in practice

The initiative also includes practice, to participate in industrial internships at companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Vuzix. Mujdat Cetin, professor of electrical and computer engineering, comments in the following way: These companies “will be eager to consider the trainees for permanent research positions after graduation.” 

In addition to the internships, several other events will take place within the initiative like e.g. a student-run conference. Since 300 other STEM graduate students at the University, will be involved in different aspects of the training and professional development. The initiative is funded by the National Science Foundation.


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