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At the summit on transformative artificial intelligence technologies in biomedical sciences and healthcare hosted by MIT, Robert Califf, the vice chancellor for health data science at Duke University and former FDA commissioner said the following: “Things have to change, but the fundamental that shouldn’t change is that you have to validate that your technology has human benefit and the benefits outweigh the risk for the intended uses.” And Phillip Sharp, an MIT Institute Professor, professor of biology summarized the summit as follows: “It was widely appreciated that the recent remarkable advances in AI and digital technologies will transform biomedical sciences and healthcare.” Within this eHealth sector, the Healthcare Gamification Market is expected to exceed $40 billion by 2024, according to a new report. One of the main drivers on this market is mobile technologies where e.g. a fast-growing number of healthcare applications offering services of preventive care. The benefits of using gamification in healthcare have especially been acknowledged by the millennials generation both as a personal and social motivator within fields like training and food/nutrition as well as mental health and therapy. Source: MIT News 
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