The Rise of AI leaders and developers

The Rise of AI leaders and developers

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In the year 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) had become increasingly sophisticated and capable. In Europe, in three different countries, three different organisations decided to take the bold step of appointing AI leaders and AI developers.

The Rise Of Ai As Leaders And Developers

AI becomes headteacher, CEO and developer

In the UK, a boarding school appointed an AI headteacher named Abigail Bailey. Miss Bailey will work with advice on issues such as how to support fellow teachers and staff members and ways to help children who have additional needs.

In Poland, the drinks company, Dictador, has appointed an AI named Mika as its CEO. Dictador Europe president Marek Szoldrowski comments in the following way in a statement

“This first human-like robot, with AI, in a company structure, will change the world as we know it, forever.” 

Mika said in an “interview” with Reuters.

“My decision-making process relies on extensive data analysis and aligning with the company’s strategic objectives. It’s devoid of personal bias, ensuring unbiased and strategic choices that prioritise the organisation’s best interests.”

In Sweden, a game developer named Mindark fired around 40% of its staff and replaced them with AI-tools. Mindark’s CEO explained that the move was necessary to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing gaming industry. It is especially developers of gaming worlds that are being replaced.

Here follows Google Bard’s comment on the future expectations on this development.

At first, there was some scepticism about the ability of AI leaders to succeed. However, Abigail, Mika, and Mindark’s AI quickly proved their doubters wrong.

Abigail transformed the boarding school into a world-class institution. Under her leadership, the school’s academic performance soared, and its students became more engaged and motivated. Abigail also implemented a number of innovative programs to promote diversity and inclusion.

M ika led the Polish drinks company to new heights. She developed and implemented a number of successful strategies that resulted in significant growth and profitability. Mika also became a vocal advocate for AI ethics and responsible AI development.

The rise of AI leaders

The success of Abigail, Mika, and Mindark showed the world that AI leaders could be just as effective, if not more effective, than human leaders. It also sparked a debate about the role of AI in the future of work. Some people worried that AI would eventually replace all human workers. Others believed that AI would create new jobs and opportunities.

Only time will tell what the future holds for AI leaders. However, the success of Abigail, Mika, and Mindark’s AI has shown that AI has the potential to revolutionise the way we work and live.

Written by
LarsGoran Bostrom and comment by Google Bard

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