Improve the quality of primary schools by liberating the stakeholders

Improve the quality of primary schools by liberating the stakeholders

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The Danish government is launching a new initiative to improve the quality of primary schools by liberating pupils, teachers and school boards. The plan includes:

  • More freedom and influence for school boards
  • More freedom for schools to make decisions about their own curricula and teaching methods.
  • Reduced bureaucracy and less central control.
  • More practical teaching and freedom of choice for the oldest students
  • Strengthening teachers position including more freedom in teaching methods
  • Stronger community in the class
  • Introducing new elective courses, such as technology understanding

Improve the quality of primary schools

Improve The Quality Of Primary Schools By Liberating The StakeholdersThe government will also provide 800 million kroner annually to the primary school area and 2.6 billion kroner for investments in better classrooms.

The goal of the plan is to create a more varied and exciting school day for everyone, based on a desire for decisions to be made closer to the school’s students and their parents. The government believes that teachers and pedagogues are the best at knowing how to teach their students, and that they should be given the freedom and framework to do so.

The plan will be phased in over the next few years, and the government will enter into a dialogue with practitioners, parties and stakeholders in and around the primary school as well as the parties in the primary school conciliation circle to discuss the details.

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