Augmented Reality to improve your Interior Design

AR is trending and included in this trend is AR-apps for practical use where one interesting example is improving your interior design skills in a trial and error mode. Since the 3D- visualisation makes it possible to turn your living room or any other room into a test- and learning lab until you are completely satisfied with the result. After this optimization, it is time to actually go to the store and buy and taking… Continue reading

Mobile Augmented Reality to improve Military Mission planning

eLearningworld News Replacing 2D maps with interactive 3D-maps when planning military missions can “allow individuals to tailor their planning experience to their own preferences and those of their team members”, writes, to improve effectiveness, outcomes, and security. While the traditional 2D approach is a one-size-fits-all approach that not adapting to the users’ cognitive abilities, augmented reality-based 3D interactive maps has the potential to adapt to individual users preferences. A Cognitive Science research team at… Continue reading

Latest News: Artificial Intelligence learns to visualize the world in 3D

eLearningworld News from US Cognitive science research indicates that humans use a form of the three-dimensional model to perceive and take action in the close environment. Now researchers at MIT are using this approach to improve artificial intelligence’s ability to interact in the real world. According to professor Josh Tenenbaum, at MIT’s Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, AI 3D-visualisation will have immense impact for the development of robots, he explains: “This is definitely something… Continue reading

Latest News: New Visualisation Technology to boost interest in Natural Science

eLearningworld News from Sweden and Norway The interactive visualisation table, Inside Explorer, improves the experience for visitors at museums, science centres and other learning environments by bringing items to life in a 3D virtual reality mode. The items has been 3D-scanned with x-ray and other scanning technologies, which in the other end makes the visitors experience to a authentic 3D-tour on several science fields e.g. human anatomy and technological constructions. The visualisation table that already… Continue reading