Augmented Reality to improve your Interior Design

Augmented Reality to improve your Interior Design

Augmented Reality To Improve Your Interior Design

AR is trending and included in this trend is AR-apps for practical use where one interesting example is improving your interior design skills inRead It On Applenews Badge Rgb Us Uk a trial and error mode. Since the 3D- visualisation makes it possible to turn your living room or any other room into a test- and learning lab until you are completely satisfied with the result. After this optimization, it is time to actually go to the store and buy and taking the furniture item home. The pioneer of this field is the Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA. It launched the IKEA Place app with more than 2,000 furniture items in 2017. The app is available both for Apple and Android devices, see the video below:

Another company that has turned to AR to help customers with their interior design is the British technology retailer Currys PC World. They have just launched the Point and Place AR app. Where you can explore e.g. how a new coffee machine will fit in your kitchen or how a new TV would impact the design of the living room. The app is perfect to play with shapes, size, and colour that fits the room. The app is available for iOS devices and includes 800 devices.

As the Apple CEO Tim Cook described IKEA Place app as a role model for the future of shopping. We expect an extraordinary development of AR-apps within interior design and a lot of other areas.

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