Obstacles for Schools to go Digital in Sweden

Last year the Swedish government introduced a national digitization plan for schools. The plan includes that the local authorities should offer a workable digital infrastructure as well as a detailed strategy for adapting schools to the digital society’s requirements. In a new book by Åke Grönlund, Professor of Informatics and Matilda Wiklund at the Örebro University, the authors identify this foundation for the digitization of school as a bottleneck. During three years the researchers have… Continue reading

Putting a national digital school strategy into practice

eLearningworld News As the last of the Nordic Countries, the Swedish government now has announced the implementation of a promising national strategy for digitization of primary- and secondary school. Today the map of school digitization in Sweden is very diversified where the pupils in some municipalities receive their own computer/tablet and where most teaching tools and content are digital, to others that are stuck in the 1980s contexts with a computer room with a few… Continue reading

Latest News: Bringing up the Heat on National Digital Strategy for Schools

eLearningworld News from Sweden The opposition parties in the Swedish Parliament yesterday proposed a new national digital strategy for schools. The proposal is supported by the Teacher Union, the chairman Bo Jansson, explains: “We are lagging behind in Sweden. It is urgent that we get a broad political agreement around this so we can get concrete results.” As a part of this strategy the Teacher Union also demands continual teacher training in order to make… Continue reading

Latest News: Higher Education Organisations launch Edtech Sweden

eLearningworld News from the Sweden Edtech Sweden is an initiative with purpose to accelerate the edtech development in Sweden. The focus is set develop a long-term strategy and vision that according to the initiators of the project has been non-existent during the past decade. While countries in the northern Europe like Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and UK successfully have implemented strategies for edtech development. It is according to the initiators time to take the challenges… Continue reading