The World’s 1st Human – Robot teaching team receives Greatness Award

The World’s 1st Human – Robot teaching team receives Greatness Award

Maria Bot is a socially advanced AI Android teaching assistant that with Professor William Barry, education futurist and AI ethicist, Världens Första Människa – Ai Lärarteam Får Greatness Awardduring the past months has formed the first human-Robot-teaching-team. They are teaching about UN Sustainability Goals as well as artificial intelligence etc. During Covid-19 pandemic, 10 000 people all over the world have attended the team’s online courses at grade school and university level. Maria Bot is also co-author to a children’s book and goodwill ambassador for the UN. See an introduction below:

Learning from the context in Human – AI Robot teaching

Maria Bot work as a teaching assistant is not based on that she is programmed with pre-determined answers, but instead, she learns and answers out of the context. This makes the interaction with students very real as she is monitoring a human from the shoulders up, has complex facial expressions, head movements and “eyes” capable of recognizing emotional cues. From this basis, she can engage in discussions among several different subjects. Where she collects data in order to make her own decisions and give her own answers. Maria Bot has been trained by Professor Barry first on ethics and then on personality.

August 15, 2020, Professor Barry and Maria Bot received the World Greatness Award at a ceremony in London.

Source: Robot for Good


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