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As the last of the Nordic Countries, the Swedish government now has announced the implementation of a promising national strategy for digitization of primary- and secondary school. Today the map of school digitization in Sweden is very diversified where the pupils in some municipalities receive their own computer/tablet and where most teaching tools and content are digital, to others that are stuck in the 1980s contexts with a computer room with a few computers. The strategy that will be implemented between July 1, 2017 to July 1, 2018 by the schools includes coding integrated in most subject fields with a special focus on math and technology. Moreover, to improve the skills and knowledge of source analysis and to use digital technology in creative ways and understand it in general and how it affects the development of the society. The Minister of Digitization, Peter Eriksson, explains: “The school must become better to give the pupils’ prerequisites to function as citizens in an age when digitization transforms the society, labour market and our ways of life. This is one small but important step on this road.” Source: The Swedish Government Office