New Hub for Learning launched in the shadow of covid-19

New Hub for Learning launched in the shadow of covid-19

Swedish authorities, employers’ organizations, the unions, and business are joining forces to combat unemployment in the shadow ofNy Portal För Lärande Lanseras I Skuggan Av Covid-19 covid-19. In a pilot project, they are now launching a hub for learning and competence development with free digital courses. The project is financed by the EU Social Fund. Besides combating the effects of covid-19 the hub is also directed on reskilling the workforce in accordance with the extensive and accelerating transformation of working life that the development of technology brings. And thereby improve and adapt employees’ competitiveness on the labour market.

New Hub For Learning Launched In The Shadow Of Covid-19

In this spirit, the hub serves to make it easier to find qualitative courses and other learning applications for the industry. The hub includes identified areas where competence development is required, like, 3D-printing, 5G use in production, human-robot interaction, and computer science. Companies will also get support to adapt the learning processes according to its and its employees’ specific requirements. Source: Vinnova


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