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Source analysis education requires a complete upgrade in school

eLearningworld News In a new research study from the University of Lund about source analysis education in school, the results show that the field requires a complete upgrade to be adapted to the digital development. In an environment of search engines, social media and other websites just a click from the fingertips the source analysis skills have to be widened and deepened. In this sense, traditional source analysis has to be upgraded with so-called contextualised… Continue reading

Making Media Literacy Education work

eLearningworld News Not more but different media literacy education is required to equip people to be able to handle the evolving media landscape is one of Mike Caulfield that heads the Digital Polarization Initiative at the American Democracy Project messages in an article in niemanlab.org. He writes: “Recent studies seem to support this conclusion, finding that an awful lot of highly educated folks, skilled in all sorts of traditional media literacy, are hopelessly lost on… Continue reading

The main Pathway for Fake News to go Viral, according to new research

eLearningworld Research News New research from Pew Research Center on individuals’ online news habits shows that the most common sources used are news websites (36%) and social media (35%) while search engines (20%) and email/text etc. from news organisations (15%) or family friends (7%) are less common. The research was performed over the course of one week and included 3827 US-citizen where 2078 finished the required number of surveys. The result also shows differences between… Continue reading

Latest News: Research shows that digitalization increases teachers’ significance

eLearningworld News from Norway Research from Oslo University shows that the use of digital resources in school has made teaching more complex. For instance, the necessity of source analysis in this environment often requires teacher support concerning the usefulness for school work and the quality of the information. This brings an extra dimension to the teacher’s work in comparison with the old textbook-school. At the same time such source analysis process also helps the student… Continue reading