The main Pathway for Fake News to go Viral, according to new research

The main Pathway for Fake News to go Viral, according to new research

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New research from Pew Research Center on individuals’ online news habits shows that the most common sources used are news websites (36%) and social media (35%) while search engines (20%) and email/text etc. from news organisations (15%) or family friends (7%) are less common. The research was performed over the course of one week and included 3827 US-citizen where 2078 finished the required number of surveys. The result also shows differences between different generations as well as between man and woman, younger generations and woman are more likely to use social media as their main news source than older men, that are more likely to seek out their news. Younger generations have also less source awareness. Follow up actions are more likely when the news comes from friends. This is the main pathway for news including fake news. As Apple’s CEO Tim Cook says: “Fake news is one of today’s chief problems”. With the research result above in mind, to become a secondary source when resending fake news will hit back on yourselves. Since it is most likely that the ones that share, comment or in some other way act upon it is in your personal network. The other possibility is equally bad, though your personal network can reveal you to have bad judgement. Source: Pew Research Center

Follow-Up Action Most Likely With News That Comes Through Friends’ Emails And Texts

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