Source analysis education requires a complete upgrade in school

Source analysis education requires a complete upgrade in school

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In a new research study from the University of Lund about source analysis education in school, the results show that the field requires a complete upgrade to be adapted to the digital development. In an environment of search engines, social media and other websites just a click from the fingertips the source analysis skills have to be widened and deepened. In this sense, traditional source analysis has to be upgraded with so-called contextualised source analysis. This means that much more focus should be directed on the understanding of the web’s infrastructure, user-generated data and how algorithms work. Because of teachers and pupils lack of knowledge about digital source evaluation and analysis, searching on the web has very limited use in schools today. This is another of the conclusions that the researchers Olof Sundin, professor in library- and information science, and Hanna Carlsson, assistant professor in library- och information science is making. Source: University of Lund and IIS

In this spirit, we at B-InteraQtive Publishing will contribute to over-bridge this deficit when we are publishing the interaQtive Book “Learning Design – Pedagogy of Coding & Media Literacy” later this year. The interaQtive book besides loads of interactive exercises and text also includes a real-time tool to train to analyse and evaluate sources with feedback.

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