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MOOC Platform in Arabic passes two million users

MOOC Platform in Arabic passes two million users

Edraak is a MOOC Platform based in Jordan that was launched five years ago. It serves learners across the Middle East and North Africa. The focus is on subject fields like health, computer science, and leadership. It also works as an open resource for K-12 education in mathematics. Recently Edraak passed two million users with totally four million enrollments. The prime goal with the platform is: 1. to broadcast the best Arab professors to the… Continue reading

Sign of the time – MOOC with 1.2 million enrollments

Sign of the time - MOOC with 1.2 million enrollments

Introduction to Computer Science using Python is MITx most popular MOOC. Since the start in 2012, it has totally 1.2 million enrollments. John Guttag, the Dugald C. Jackson Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at MIT explains the success in the following way: “Although on the surface it’s a computer programming course with Python, it’s really not about Python or even programming.” Eric Grimson, the Bernard M. Gordon Professor of Medical Engineering and professor… Continue reading

Lifelong Learning in a new Open Context

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In an open source approach to lifelong learning, the student becomes a co-creator of knowledge and skills. This is in contradiction to the 20th Century systemic approach where the learner was a passive receiver of information and strict how-to-instructions. Then, how do you upgrade and value the quality of lifelong learning in an open context? Is MOOC the only possible form of borderless education for lifelong learners in higher education? What about lower levels with… Continue reading

Latest News: Time to Rethink – Developing Music Education into the Digital Age

Latest News: Time to Rethink - Developing Music Education into the Digital Age

eLearningworld News from Australia Sydney University launches a MOOC this month with focus on bringing Music Education into the 21st Century. The main target group is music educators all over the world that want to develop their teaching with digital tools and motivate their students with the new possibilities. The MOOC is developed by Dr James Humberstone, an active composer and lecturer at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and he hopes that the MOOC will educate… Continue reading

Latest News: MOOC Trends 2015 – Doubled amount of MOOC students worldwide

Latest News: Government focus on digital skills and applications in education

eLearningworld News from the World According to ICEF Monitor 35 million people enrolled in MOOCs during 2015 in approximately 4200 courses offered by 500 universities. This means that the amount of learners doubled last year in comparison with the year before. The MOOC-providing companies were also more focused on revenue than the years before, which means that more courses offered academic credits as well as full degrees etc. Coursera and edX are still the largest… Continue reading

Latest News: MOOC on Economics of a new Global Development Agenda

Latest News: Government focus on digital skills and applications in education

eLearningworld News from the World In the UN Summit in September 2015 political leaders from all over the world adopted a global 2030 development agenda. This includes new global goals, called the Sustainable Development Goals, where the main ambitious is to use the “billions” in Official Development Assistance to channel “trillions” in investments of all kinds, which would mean public and private funding, both national and international. The World Bank Group is now launching a… Continue reading

Latest News: Gamification and MOOC the main drivers according to new report

Latest News: Report estimate 8.94% growth of eLearning packaged content globally

eLearningworld News from the World Technavio market analysts predict that gamification and massive open online courses (MOOCs) will drive the global e-Learning market the coming four years. This means the keywords for the market can be summarised by that engaging content with easy access is the focus eLearning-developers should have the coming years. But what about the impact of e.g. pedagogy and learner-adaption? However, according to the report, these drivers, gamification and MOOC, will help… Continue reading

Latest News: MOOC about using ICT as a teacher

Latest News: UK Government launching Digital Marketplace for public schools

eLearningworld News from Norway In 2014 Østfold University College held the ICT course for teachers the first time. The course was called ”MOOC: Innføring i informasjons- og kommunikasjonsteknologi”. 717 participated, while 149 was registrered as students to earn credits for the course and 74% of these students managed to reach the goal. The content of the course is to a large extrent based on videos and focus on basic use of ICT-pedagogy and tools in… Continue reading

Latest News: The performance of MOOC according to a MIT and Harvard report

Latest News: Free Dutch Language Introduction Online by Groningen University

eLearningworld News from USA MIT and Harvard has researched the performance of their Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) from 2012 to 2014. Data from totally 68 courses, 1.7 million participants, 10 million participant-hours, and 1.1 billion logged events are the source of the report. Some of the key findings were that in general at the start of the course approximately 57% was aiming to get a certificate, while 24% reached the goal. The respondents in… Continue reading

Latest News: Introduction to Dutch – 3000 completed the course

Latest News: Introduction to Dutch - 3000 completed the course

eLearningworld News from the Netherlands We wrote about the Introduction to Dutch online-course from Groningen University almost two month ago and now it is (almost) finished. Totally 33 800 registered and 3000 completed the three week’s course, which is rather normal for a MOOC, and impressive for an introduction to a new language course. The goal with the course was to learn to introduce oneself and get to know other learners, talk about family, friends,… Continue reading