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There is 30 million displaced girls and boys in the world today, which is the largest population uprooted since 1945, 20 million of whom have not access to school education. From these prerequisites, MIT is now launching a global education hub that is open to everybody that are unable to go to school. The Refugee ACTion Hub (ReACT) will include digital and blended learning opportunities. At the same time as it serves as a catalyst for anyone that want to solve problems of refugee education. The faculty founder of ReACT, Admir Masic, explains the importance with his personal story from the Yugoslavian wars in the 1990s: “During the war in Yugoslavia my family lost everything, and I became a teenage refugee. I had access to a great deal of humanitarian support, such as food, clothes and shelter, but what changed my life was access to education.” The project is based on three objectives 1. community engagement within MIT and beyond 2. The development of a certification system for displaced learners 3. Connect with broader audiences. Source: MIT News