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As artificial intelligence is making its way into society, research on the consequences of the development is lagging behind. The German Minister of Research, Johanna Wanka, said: “Artificial intelligence can improve our lives if we use it properly. But for this, we need to know what we can benefit from the systems and what the weaknesses are. There are still many unanswered research questions why we need comprehensive research more than ever to understand technical developments from an ethical, social and legal perspective. (…) Technology should support us, not alienate.” In this spirit, the German Ministry of Education and Research is launching a new research project to find out how to make AI useful for people. In the first step, it will focus on services in the mobility sector, in health care, for example, in medical technology, the use of automated vehicles and robots, and IT security. The project Future Learning Systems is a part of the existing research platform for Industry 4.0. Source: BMBF – German Federal Ministry of Education and Research