eLearningworld News from Germany and US

The market potential of online courses is very promising, both in the B2C and B2B segments, according to a new research report by Dr. Sandra Boehrs and Prof. Dr. Andreas Kraemer, BiTS-Business and Information Technology School GmbH. The report is a comparative study of Germany and US. Dr Boehrs comment: “Both in the US as well as in Germany, e-learning methods and online courses have infused broad sections of the population. They are not limited to academic education. Alarming, however, is the low level of customer satisfaction, which implies high potential for improvement.” In US 45% has experience of online learning, slightly more than Germany where 39% has that experience. Around 1/5 of respondents have spent money on online courses, while 1/3 of users say they did not complete one or more courses. The main reason was the length of the course and an inappropriate approach to teaching. The report is based on the answer from 1176 respondents and is published in the “Journal of Education and Training Studies”. Source: Press Release PR Newswire