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Latest News: ICT skills development for 10 000 students in Rwanda

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eLearningworld News from Rwanda Worldwide e-Learning Campus, an agency connected to Rwanda’s Ministry of Education, is launching a progressive programme to develop and improve ICT student’s skills across Rwanda in collaboration with Ericsson. The program starts November 1 and is focused on a blended learning approach where Ericsson’s Online Academy with a wide range of courses is a vital part. Student’s can e.g. accomplish Ericsson’s technical cloud certification. The main goal is to improve ICT… Continue reading

Latest News: What are the prospects of Online Courses? New Research shows the potential

Latest News: Motivation in a Workplace according to Neuroscience

eLearningworld News from Germany and US The market potential of online courses is very promising, both in the B2C and B2B segments, according to a new research report by Dr. Sandra Boehrs and Prof. Dr. Andreas Kraemer, BiTS-Business and Information Technology School GmbH. The report is a comparative study of Germany and US. Dr Boehrs comment: “Both in the US as well as in Germany, e-learning methods and online courses have infused broad sections of… Continue reading