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A new research study from PayPal with the title: Digital Media Consumers – Cross-country trends shows differences in digital media consumption-patterns across national markets. The research concerns digital goods that are paid for, where in US, France and United Arab Emirates a majority prefers to play video-games before ebooks, while in UK, Italy. Japan and Russia a majority of the consumers prefer reading ebooks, more equally divided of play or read is Germany, Spain and Poland. However, digital spending generally is 3.4 higher on videogames than ebooks, and it is higher in all the markets mentioned above. The device that is most popular for reading ebooks also varies across different markets. E-readers are most popular in UK, Italy, Germany and Spain, while multifunctional devices like tablets and smartphones is preferred in US and United Arab Emirates. In the other markets the choice of device for ebooks are more equally divided. The research is based on a survey with 10 000 digital media consumers in the countries mentioned above. Source: PayPal