Latest News: Read or Play? Digital Media Consumption research shows big variations

eLearningworld News from the World A new research study from PayPal with the title: Digital Media Consumers – Cross-country trends shows differences in digital media consumption-patterns across national markets. The research concerns digital goods that are paid for, where in US, France and United Arab Emirates a majority prefers to play video-games before ebooks, while in UK, Italy. Japan and Russia a majority of the consumers prefer reading ebooks, more equally divided of play or… Continue reading

Latest News: Disconnected professionals, neuroscience experiment shows interesting result

eLearningworld News from Marocco and the World Imaging yourselves in the Moroccan desert, stripped of all your electronic devices, with bunch of people you do not know. The only thing the group has in common is that they are high level professionals that in the ordinary life can not manage without being connected. For four days these 35 people stayed disconnected and researchers noticed that during this time both body posture and memory improved for… Continue reading